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Revenue Generated by the North American Affiliation Industry in 2017

About AEToken

Can the affiliate industry improve and expand?

Absolutely. With a reliable platform, this data and traffic based multi-billion dollar industry will explode in the continuing digital age.

“This form of marketing still has enormous potential to create value for publishers, clients, and audiences alike, but only if performed through a transparent, reliable platform”- Huffington Post

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Affiliate Marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry annually, but it’s riddled with loopholes and uncertainties for both publisher and affiliate. AEToken closes these loopholes by introducing a smart contract solution that protects both sides, thereby lowering the risk of fraud while also rapidly increasing business growth, security and trust.

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Why Invest In AEToken?

The Affiliate Marketing industry needs solutions to the multiple issues that currently plague it, if solved both publisher and affiliate will expand the industry market from its current multi-billion-dollar size, to an even larger one. The blockchain and smart contract paradigm shift remains in its infancy. Traffic and data, coupled with social channels, are the future of customer acquisition for retailers.

There is however, a desperate need for a reliable platform built on blockchain that will foster immutable trust between contracting parties and rid both publisher and affiliate of hurdles that limit their business growth and scalability. AEToken will be the largest affiliate/publisher, secure contract system in the world. We will drive an explosion in the affiliate industry, by solving ever growing problems, such as lack of trust, lack of contract enforceability and lack of payment solutions. These problems are preventing the industry from reaching its full potential. The team behind AEToken, the technology, industry recognition and the capital liquidity within the AEToken ecosystem, will make your investment into AEToken reap great rewards.

Why Will We Succeed?

Secure & fast payments, scalability, deal structure coupled with our unique mediation feature will not only rid all the current misgivings of the affiliate industry but also automize the process. This will guarantee mass adoption by some of the largest publishers/advertisers on one side while also being embrased by the biggest affiliate network chains and super affiliates on the other, thus putting AEToken into immediate circulation and giving a thrust of growth into a market which requires our platform in order to achieve its potential.

With the youngest CEO in Nasdaq history at the helm of AEToken tech development and over 25 years of combined Affiliate Marketing experience from our founding team we are not only building something to help the rest but a business that solves and expands our current businesses today. This is why AEToken will be a success!

Introducing AEToken


Meet the team behind AEToken. Lead by Vadim Fedotov (CEO) with over a decades experience in the affiliation and publisher sectors, and Jason Fernandes the COO of the company, you are looking at a concept and a team that cannot fail. The potential for growth is endless.

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Vadim AE Token

Vadim Fedotov


Over 11 years of experience in both the publisher & affiliates sectors. Having worked for industry giants such as Betsson Group and High Light Media, he now leads a successful affiliate network & lead generation engine, digital marketing agency & affiliate websites.
Jason Fernandes AEToken

Jason Fernandes


An award-winning crypto-entrepreneur, technology columnist, published author and TEDx speaker, Jason founded internet portal, non-profit LDKids and co-invented the world’s first Internet-based DVR- RecordTV. Jason speaks regularly on the subject of cryptocurrency and has been featured in international outlets including the LA Times, BBC, Associated Press, MTV and Channel NewsAsia among others.


Marcus Segal


Marcus, a former part-time YCombinator partner has 17 years of experience working as strategist and operations executive in Silicon Valley. He has spent over 7 years in total with Zynga serving in a number of roles including the SVP Global Operations, Chief Operating Officer `{`COO`}` of Game Studios, and COO of Business Operations. Marcus was responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the game studios, CIO and CTO functions as well as the development of the International Production, Community, QA, and Central Art teams.

Eman Pulis


Founder and CEO of SiGMA, iGaming summit and also, the
Malta Blockchain Summit. SiGMA is an affiliate marketing industry event
attracting 500 exhibitors and sponsors, 12,000 delegates and 150 speakers.
The Malta Blockchain Summit is the premier blockchain conference in Malta, attracting Crypto-experts worldwide.

MIchael Caselli


Director, Clarion Gaming and Co-founder of HexoPay. A world-renowned expert in online gaming. Michael’s experience has been sought by media such as CNBC, MSNBC and the BBC. Beginning in 1996, he has participating as organizer, host, chairman and moderator for leading international interactive gaming conferences and is today a sector investor and advisor in the iGaming space

Walter Komarek


Being a respected figure in the European telecom market, Walter Komarek is CEO at Angel Investor, Former Founder at Forbestelecom (the largest Maltese telecom company). Walter Komarek is engaged in telecom, new technologies and blockchain startups. Having graduated from the University of Salzburg, Walter Komarek has proficient expertise in business strategy and business development.

Evan Luthra


Evan is an accredited angel investor and his Venture Studio - EL Group International backs Entrepreneurs with capital, technology and marketing resources to launch new companies from the ground up. Having built and invested in 30+ companies in the last 5 years with a combined market cap of over $250 million, Evan continues to guide and mentor startups across all technologies. His work in the Blockchain space has won him a reputation as an industry pioneer and earned him coverage by leading publications including Business Insider, TOI, Forbes,, VICE and Nextshark. Featured on 'Tumblr's rich kids of Instagram, he has as over 800,000 followers on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Evan has spoken at multiple events includning TEDx, the World Economic Forum and has even made appearances on“Good Morning America” ABC News and various other outlets.

Stan Fiskin


Stan Fiskin immigrated to the United States as a first generation American in 1995. He immediately took an interest in the entrepreneurial spirit of his new country and started his first business as a web publisher in 1996.

From that early start until today and into the future, Stan has continued to innovate and inspire a growing team of talented professionals whose contributions have helped him succeed with brands like Hosting in 1998, Envisionext,, AdultCentro, CentroBill, ModelCentro and FanCentro.

Creating, adapting and evolving brands based on market trends to stay ahead of the curve, earn significant revenue and create a competitive advantage for clients is what Stan is passionate about and it shows in his non-stop approach to growing a business empire over a sustained period of success.

AEToken Road Map

Q3 2018
Recruit additional team members. Flush out architecture documentation.
Q4 2018
Conduct initial scalability testing against existing blockchains.
Q1 2019
AEToken Launch. Launch alpha testnet. Initial mediator recruiting efforts.
Q2 2019
Launch beta testnet. Beta desktop clients.
Q3 2019
Launch production blockchain. Production desktop clients.
Q4 2019
Production mobile applications.
1H 2020
Expand supported smart contract types and data sources.
2H 2020
Continued development.

The affiliate industry is in desperate need of a solution for lack of trust, ever-changing deals, and insecure payments. AEToken is that solution.

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What is so special about our ICO?

AEToken revolutionizes the commission based marketing industry not just by introducing blockchain technology and smart contracts- something our competitors have attempted as well, but by bringing an automated mediation aspect which in itself will negate most of the problems this industry faces today. The mere existence of legal mediation, backed by smart contracts and documented evidence will likely rid the industry of the disorder wrought by a lack of respect for pre-agreed terms and contracts on both ends of the publishers/affiliate spectrum. Add an easy to use desktop and moble app to the mix and we are set to automize business aspects of a multi-billion industry, We will be the one of a kind product sure to make this marketing segment scale new heights globally.

Our best component is our founding team itself. Comprised of three individuals with a combined 25 years of retailer, publisher and affiliation expertise on a C-level, our team is rounded out by a technological revolutionary and a crypto- whizz, guaranteeing the success of AEToken.

How many tokens will be issued?

120 million tokens will be issued in total.

When will the AETokens will be issued?

The exact date will be disclosed soon- Sign up below to be notified of all things AEToken!

What problem does AEToken Solve?

AEToken solves numerous problems that persist in today’s commission based marketing economy including the lack of contracts between B2B partners, inability to enforce partnership terms, payment restrictions, constriction of funds from its holders and barriers for scaling up both for publishers and affiliates.

What is the AEToken used for?

AEToken will be used to align the commission based marketing industry on a global scale with the endless benefits and security aspects of the blockchain and smart contract technology. Used as the centralized currency in the affiliate world, it is the next frontier in digital marketing as we know it today.